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609 Youth Mall,
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An increasing number of empty stores on 2F shopping mall at Gukje Market. Passion, ideas, and dreams of young people are clustered in the 6geonggu (zone 6) Bldg. B. 2F, 1geonggu (zone 1) Bldg. B, 2F. They provide exemption from foreign tourist tax for shopping convenience. You can find charming and exciting items in this unprecedented Gukje Market space. The enthusiasm of these young people who will carry the next generation of Gukje Market will pen future chapters of the market.
A space to design the present and future of Gukje Market. The completion stone (from the construction) from August 20, 1968 is still preserved in the ceiling. Cafe Brown Hands and Black and White Photo Studio connect past and present to bring the old Gukje Market to life.


Hwaeum (화음) flower tea and desserts harmonize Korean traditional tea, beautiful color flower tea, and traditional house-made refreshments for aesthetics and taste.
Where UK prefers black tea, Gukje Market serves flower tea and desserts. Ejomyunggwa (이조명가), a traditional Korean company, makes special foods from fruit & vegetable chips, honey-preserved fruits, Korean traditional sweets and cookies to simple drinks using seasonal fruits and healthy ingredients without additives. You can experience the genuine flavors of slow food produced by traditional methods passed down through three generations.


Things to Buy

The brand value of Jisum Gallery (지숨갤러리) has already been recognized in Jeonju. The gallery provides photographs of memories on hanji (traditional Korean paper) made using Korea's first Hanji Photo Printing Patent. Although they seem like real pictures, they are hanji, real works of art displaying a strong sense of warmth.
Landmark Project makes candles that represent the sea of Busan. Candles certified with KC Mark. Feel the scent of the sea as you stop walking for a moment, close your eyes and enjoy the aroma of jelly.
화우진. Hwaujin (화우진) is a natural cosmetics product line that can be purchased to suit every age group; the brand is currently being exported to Southeast Asia.
CL Line (씨엘라인) is a mask pack specialty store featuring products developed both in-house and OEM. The mask pack is suitable for calming tired skin or toning up for important appointments the following day.

Things to Do

Black and White Photo Studio Grida (그리다) is so popular that you can't get in without a reservation. Instead of taking pictures at a click of a moment, at Grida, you need to posture slowly in front of an analog camera for images in black and white. You can take a photo reminiscent of images from 1968. The photographs and stories collected by the studio provide visitors pleasure.
Yibon (이본) has a technology that can convert pictures stored in mobile phones into various products, such as tiles and frames. A wide range of products, from interior accessories to ordinary frames with memories, are created within seven minutes.


Taking a Break

There is a clock on the outer wall with Gukje Market in the center. At 12 o'clock, the clock tower is pointing at Yongdusan Tower, 3 o'clock at Jagalchi Market, 6 o'clock at Kkangton Market, and 9 o'clock at Bosudong Book Street. Gukje Market is in the center, where you are standing and watching the clock tower.