MIGukje MarketMI

Brand logo basic type

국제시장 로고
  • C100 M90 Y0 K0 / R12 G49 B144
    Pantone 2736C
  • C60 M60 Y0 K0 / R121 G107 B175
    Pantone 2095C
  • C70 M0 Y60 K0 / R58 G180 B132
    Pantone 2413C
  • C75 M35 Y0 K0 / R52 G137 B202
    Pantone 279C
  • C0 M80 Y20 K0 / R233 G83 B131
    Pantone 1915C
  • C0 M35 Y100 K0 / R248 G181 B0
    Pantone 130C

Logo type & meaning of symbols

Gukje Market, a market where people gather together, is expressed with the meaning of Chinese characters, human ‘人’, and Heaven-Earth-Human, which is a component of all things. This symbolizes an international market formed by the combination of heaven, earth, and human, and it also serves as a pillar connecting market and people.

Meaning of colors

The harmonious six colors are divided into six types of behavior: the Gukje Market 6geonggu (zone 6) and the people of Gukje Market. The colors provide images of vibrant and dynamic Gukje Market by coloring the types of behaviors in the marketplace: buy, sell, eat, play, shoot and watch.

Grid system

국제시장 국문로고 그리드 시스템
국제시장 중문로고 그리드 시스템
국제시장 일문로고 그리드 시스템