Street Playground

A multi-entertainment venue of experience,enjoyment, and playtime

The 6geong-gu (zone 6) in Gukje Market is an entertainment space, recreate as a new play
focused venue featuring various hands-on experience entertainment in the photo zone,
such as cultural performances, school uniform dress-up experience and memorable exhibitions.

Traditional Market

Busan's representative and traditional market located in Jung-gu, Busan

Gukje Market, which is regarded as a sightseeing destination, has been a feature of Busan
for over 70 years, along with Food Alley, Arirang Street, Youth Street, and Kujae Alley, and has
abundant stories about modern Korean history.


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Kkotbuninae / Owner Sin Mi-ran

Thanks to the popularity of the movie "Gukje Market", visitors from all over come in droves to Kkotbuninae. Kkotbuninae's signboard, hung by the main character "Deok-soo" in the movie, attracts visitors to the store. Kkotbuninae is now the star of Gukje Market.

Kkotbuninae Owner Sin Mi-ran

Gukje Market zone 6 Youth Mall

Passion, ideas, and dreams of young people are
clustered in 6geonggu (zone 6) Bldg. B. 2F, 1geonggu (zone 1) Bldg. B, 2F.

Things to Do

Jagalchi Market

Jagalchi Market Yongdusan Park Bosu-dong Book Street BIFF Plaza 40-step Culture & Tourism Theme Street Gamcheon Culture Villag Yeongdodaegyo Bridge Taejongdae Park

Business Hour

09:00 ~ 20:00*Business hours vary by store.
Closed - 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month
Gukje Marketa living history
connecting past and present

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