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GUKJE MARKET connects people and the market,
Busan and the world
Busan Traditional market, representing Busan
The appearance of old international market

From 1geong-gu (zone 1) to 6geong-gu (zone 6), 12 buildings consisting 24 spaces

Gukje Market Zone - The name is reflective of the broad product range available, including many and various tools.
This venue comprises six zones of commercial stores, spanning buildings A and B. There are 12 buildings consisting of 24 spaces, including the upper and lower floors. Walking through the 24 spaces of Gukje Market is like wandering through a maze.

Gukje Market, the location of a viaduct

Maze like Gukje Market First-time visitors to the maze-like Gukje Market may lose their sense of direction. In such cases, you can check your whereabouts at the 2nd floor viaduct! The viaduct intimately links 12 buildings. The market landscape overlooking the viaduct is another attraction of Gukje Market.

1geonggu (zone 1) Silbi Street

Silbi Street, the representative food alley of Gukje Market.
At nightfall, tray tables are placed in the alley when entering the 1geonggu (zone 1) byway and people flock in for a drink. This is a secret place of Gukje Market that few people know about. We recommended stopping by to enjoy your leisure time. The bountiful basic side dishes with a shot of soju encapsulate the sense of generosity of Silbi Street.

609 Youth Mall
Foreground of 609Youth Mall

Dazzling Gukje Market

Gukje Market 6geonggu (zone 6) comes alive at night. The street illuminated by numerous lighting stores. All-inclusive lighting street, from sophisticated LED to modern and clean lighting.
Miscellaneous fashion & accessories nearby the street provide exclusive vibe to further brighten 6geonggu (zone 6).

Silk goods and hanbok in Gukje Market

Check out the ever-growing status of beautiful hanbok at Gukje Market. A delicate pattern meticulously embroidered from the heart, every stitch and color. Hanbok, which is incomparable to any flower, makes people stand out. At Gukje Market 5geonggu and 6geonggu (zones 5 and 6) on the 2nd floor, you can meet a life-long master of hanbok. This is the very space in which the Gukje Market is brilliantly embroidered. Choose your own cloth and order your favorite hanbok. From wedding presents to court hanbok and modernized hanbok, you can buy an inexpensive hanbok that suits your style.

Movie ‘Gukje Market’ shooting site, Kkotbuninae

Due to the popularity of the movie 'Gukje Market', visitors from all over come in droves to take photos in front of the Kkotbuninae. However, the heavy flow of visitors and cars can disturb stores in the area. Be sure to lower your head in front of Kkotbuninae and check the floor: You can see at a glance where to stand to take pictures. Please care for each other, the photo zone line!

Search for treasures at Gukje Market

The alleys of Gukje Market are full of attractive products, ranging from 40-year-old glasses, handmade chopsticks, colorful hanbok, interior accessories, to traditional lacquer crafts, and more. The corners of the alleyways, with the traces of times passed, are another precious treasure you must enjoy at Gukje Market. Presenting the stories of Gukje Market that progress with time.