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‘Kkotbuninae’, a star store
of Gukje Market

Kkotbuninae Owner Sin Mi-ran
3geonggu, Bldg. B, 1F
Kkotbuninae Owner Sin Mi-ran

Thanks to the popularity of the movie 'Gukje Market', visitors from all over come in droves to Kkotbuninae. Kkotbuninae's signboard, hung by the main character 'Deok-soo' in the movie, attracts visitors to the store. Now, people conjure up Kkotbuninae when they come to Gukje Market, some people come to Gukje Market to get strong impression of the shop, and many take proof shots in front of the shop. Some people explain their position around Kkotbuninae and make promises to meet each other in front of the store. Kkotbuninae is now the star of Gukje Market.

Come to Gukje Market Kkotbuninae, a place brims with stories

Kkotbuninae, that paid the price of fame as it appeared on the movie, was Yongsin Store, originally selling goods. The owner, Sin Mi-ran, did not approve of the offer when it was proposed to use the store as a venue for the filming. She was worried that the store would be damaged because of shooting and that the experience would not help promote the store. On the other hand, she thought that it was a change to take a break, change the store's signboard, the interior decoration. Despite the filming being over, the owner was unable to change the interior because of a busy schedule. The movie was released, exceeding 1 million audience, and soon after surpassing 15 million. It was a jackpot. From then on, people flocked in front of the store.
The owner changed the plan to not to replace the signboard. Instead, she decided to provide an attraction and lifelong memories for people who visit Gukje Market. Kkotbuninae has become a place of existence out of the film. It keeps the story in the movie intact and gives people nostalgia. Kkotbuninae is now the star and information center of Gukje Market.

Together in family life

Kkotbuninae is a general merchandise store selling ornaments and gifts. From charming ornaments to memorable retort items, the store features everything you need. The owner is pleased to sell the goods that people can actually use.
To the owner, Gukje Market is a place where family lives together. The owner, who operated a miscellaneous store in another area, started doing business in the Gukje Market in 2011, which is not as old as other stores in the market. The owner's sibling, who had been in business for a long time at the Gukje Market, told the owner to join them, who was struggling amid fierce competition and high rent. She accepted the invitation and came to Gukje Market because of the family's offer, but she likes the market more than anyone in the family. She likes the warmth of the market merchants more than anything, and finds them to be caring and familiar.
So, she also likes tourists, even if they don't buy anything. She is positive that tourists will always come back once they experience the warmth and hospitality of the merchants. And she also adds:

““Come to Gukje Market. We have quality goods at affordable prices. Stop by at Kkotbuninae. I can give you a discount anytime (ha ha).””